9 Tips When Choosing Demolition Contractors In My Area

If you are like most people, you are unsure as to what to look for in a commercial demolition contractor. After all, you may not have hired a demolition contractor in the past. Furthermore, you might not know anyone in your professional or social circle who has hired a demolition contractor. However, if you perform…

choosing the right demolition contractors in my area

If you are like most people, you are unsure as to what to look for in a commercial demolition contractor. After all, you may not have hired a demolition contractor in the past. Furthermore, you might not know anyone in your professional or social circle who has hired a demolition contractor. However, if you perform your due diligence, you will be able to select the right commercial demolition contractor for your needs. In this article, we aim to help you answer “how do I chose the best demolition contractors in my area?” Here’s how to do it.

#1 Consider the Contractor’s Qualifications and Experience

The demolition contractor’s qualifications and experience are of the utmost importance. The contractor you select should have all the necessary licensing and insurance. In particular, liability insurance should be in place. This way, if anyone is injured while the demolition is performed at your property, you won’t be on the hook in terms of legal liability, meaning you won’t have to pay out of your own pocket for a potential out of court settlement or court award.

Above all, the demolition contractor should be experienced performing commercial demolition projects similar to the one you need completed at your site. Check out the company’s website to get a sense of the projects it has completed in the past. You can even contact the company in question to directly ask whether the projects they have completed are similar to the one you need completed. Take a look at the online reviews posted to the internet’s many review directories to get a better idea as to whether the company has completed similar projects for others. If your project has any particularly challenging aspects that you are already aware of, inquire as to whether the commercial demolition contractor you have in mind is qualified to handle those unique aspects.

#2 Cleaning up After the Demolition Is Complete

The last thing you need is to be stuck with an expansive cleanup project after the demolition takes place. You should not have to invest your time and effort cleaning up the demolition area. Check with the demolition contractor to guarantee they are willing to perform a comprehensive cleaning after the demolition is complete.

#3 Consider the Demolition Contractor’s Policy on Subcontracting

Some commercial demolition contractors do not do all of the work on their own. A surprisingly high number of these groups outsource the work to subcontractors while taking a cut of the money, essentially serving as a “middleman” between you, the customer, and the group that performs the actual demolition. Find out if the demolition contractor you have in mind subcontracts to others before you commit to paying for their services. The last thing you want is for substandard demolition work to be performed at your site as a result of outsourcing to a subcontractor that is undermanned, has inferior equipment, lacks the proper insurance or simply does not provide high-quality work.

#4 What Type of Equipment Will Be Used?

The equipment used during the demolition project is of the utmost importance. If the demolition contractor you have in mind has low-quality or outdated equipment, they will struggle to complete your demolition project in a thorough, timely, and effective manner. Even if the group has sufficient manpower, those employees are only effective to the extent that their equipment functions as designed. Everything from operating height to lift capacity and other equipment features matter a great deal.

#5How Thorough Is the Estimate Process?

The estimate process that gauges the extent of the work to be conducted along with the price of that work must be as thorough as possible. If this process is abbreviated or overlooks important components of the project, it might end up being revised, meaning the initial price estimate will prove inaccurate. The last thing you need is for the price you had in mind to be bumped up even higher mid-project.

#6 Does the Contractor Have any Violations, Citations, or Warnings?

Part of performing your due diligence is determining whether the contractor you have in mind has past transgressions. Do some digging on the internet to determine whether the contractor has prior warnings, citations, violations, or other “black marks” on record. If you find any such flaws, it might not be a good idea to provide that contractor with your business. Instead, look for a demolition contractor that has a successful track record without any of the blemishes noted above.

#7 Consider the Contractor’s Timeliness

Read through online reviews and check with former customers of the demolition contractor you have in mind to determine if the group has consistently met deadlines. Furthermore, it is in your interest to determine if the demolition contractor sets reasonable deadlines to start with. If the deadlines are set out too far or are too short, continue your search until you find a group that sets realistic deadlines and honors its commitment to working in a timely manner.

#8 Familiarity With Safety Requirements and Standards

The safety requirements and standards of your specific site might not be exactly the same as those for another site and so on. Communicate the nuances of your site’s safety standards so the contractor knows exactly what will be necessary in terms of preparation to get the job done in a truly safe manner.

#9 Contact Past Clients

Reach out to the contractor’s former clients to get a sense of whether they are happy with the group’s work. If you find the former clients are unhappy with the contractor’s work, continue to dig. Find out exactly why previous clients are dissatisfied with the work. Do not hesitate to ask former clients as to whether they would recommend the company.

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