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As the seasons change, and time passes, things begin to show their age. Bridges and highways are no different. This is especially true in Chicago where the weather can help to wear down these surfaces while being areas where a lot of traffic happens. Due to this, wear and tear becomes apparent. When this happens,…

As the seasons change, and time passes, things begin to show their age. Bridges and highways are no different. This is especially true in Chicago where the weather can help to wear down these surfaces while being areas where a lot of traffic happens. Due to this, wear and tear becomes apparent. When this happens, and it is no longer conceivable to get by with repairs only, it may be time to look for an alternative. That’s where demolition services can come into play.

Replacing bridges and highways is a problem that a lot of American cities are being faced with as transportation infrastructures change or need to be reshaped. Bridge and highway demolition is one way to make this happen. Bridge and Highway demolition is being leaned on more and more, as cities make changes to their transportation, and you’ll want to make sure you work with professionals who know what they are doing to ensure the process gets done correctly. This article will help you have a better understanding of demolishing bridges and highways so you can know what to expect when choosing your demolition experts.

Taking The First Steps

You’ve decided bridge or highway demolition is the answer, but you don’t know where to start. First you’ll want to know why demolition is your best bet and what you are trying to accomplish. The future can determine what you do know to prepare the demolition site, how much the project will cost, and even what resources you may need to make sure your future plans will be able to be realized. Once your “why” is in place, it’s time to find the right demolition company for the job. This will start with a plan and estimation.

  • The Plan: A demolition company will want to come and walk through the future demolition site and assess what the process will be. This is when you’ll want to give them your timeline for the project, and anything they will need to know to see the process through.  At this point they will come up with a detailed plan for the project, that will include pre-demolition, demolition, and post. Each phase will have things that will need to be done like scheduling people for the duration of the job, to removal of waste and materials.
  • Estimates: Once the demolition company has seen the worksite and has done a proper walkthrough, they can give you an estimate of the costs. These costs will also be determined by the method of demolition used for the site. The two methods of choice are explosive and conventional demolition.

Methods of Demolition

When people think of demolition, they think of big explosions or large buildings collapsing. While the demolition process can be that it certainly doesn’t have to be. And when it comes to bridges and highway demolition, often things are removed without a “boom.” All demolition is, is the engineered deconstruction and removal of a structure. When it comes to bridge and highway demolition, your two options are explosive and conventional demolition.

Explosive demolition

Explosive demolition is quite rare when it comes to bridges and highways.  It is seldomly used, and usually saved for large bridges and other large structures. When these explosives are used it’s by professionals that have taken the proper precautions and are prepared to work with explosives. The explosive team will be using the explosives to bring down large amounts of concrete. This process is adaptable to meet the demands of multiple situations. However, it is important to take note of the amount of debris and impact this method can have on the surrounding environment.

Conventional (non-explosive) Demolition

Conventional demolition means no explosives. It can be described as taking apart a structure and removing its components—releasing no energy, unlike explosives.  Most of the time, it’s this method of demolition that is used when it comes to bridges and highways. Typically, this method is accomplished by using excavators and cranes to accomplish the demolition. This is “dismantling.” This is not the only method of conventional demolition. There is also the technique of using hydraulic breakers to break apart bridge materials. The other process is called, “bursting.” There are three types of bursting when it comes to bridges and highways—pressure, chemical, or mechanical bursting.

Choosing the Right Demolition Company

Bridge and highway demolition demands a lot.  You will need careful planning and execution. The kind of expertise that comes with experience and uniform procedures. You want someone who knows the right method of demolition for the project, since bridge and highway demolitions are extremely technical. They demand an expert’s touch to ensure that everything goes according to plan and keeps everyone safe during the entire process. So, it’s important to find someone you can trust. Trust your future to Alpine Demolition, today!

Alpine Demolition

We have taken a few moments to walk through the steps you need to take before moving forward with a deconstruction or demolition project. This is an exciting time for you and your organization, and we are eager to walk with you through this process each step of the way.

At Alpine Demolition, we make several guarantees to our clients. We guarantee safety, modern technology, sustainable practices, and care for the community and environment where your project is located.

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Remember, the first step you need to take before a demolition project is deciding whether deconstruction is the right choice for you and your group or organization. We would love to talk through all the options with you to help you make a stress-free decision.

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