Alpine will strive to do the following:


Provide accurate estimates in a timely fashion.


Time is very valuable to our customers. Many opportunities have narrow windows in which to complete the deal. We also understand that it is important to provide comprehensive bids. We want to make sure that there are no hidden surprises that should have been covered in the original estimate. Inform the client during the bid process of local requirements such as fencing and utility disconnects. Perform value engineering during the bidding process to reduce demolition costs is also something we emphasis. We are able to this thru our experienced estimating and management staff.


Complete the job on or ahead of schedule.


Once a project is awarded it is important to complete the job on or ahead of schedule. Many times projects are awarded based on the ability to complete the project in a timely fashion versus offering the lowest price. Of course, permits, environmental abatement, and utility disconnects are important to be able to start a project on time, and some of these items we will have no control over.


Use the latest in information and communication technology.


Alpine will use the latest in information and communication technology to achieve above-average goals. Modern equipment will be used to perform projects efficiently. Material will be sorted and recycled to the greatest extent possible.


Incorporate sustainable practices.


Most projects are recycled to greater than 85%. Affidavits and back up tickets can be provided for your LEED and City of Chicago requirements.


Perform demolition in a safe manner.


Experienced personnel trained in safety will perform projects. Safety is engineered into all our projects, and this is especially true during the planning phase. Our experienced management team uses all available resources during this process.


Alpine is 100% women owned. We are certified as a DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) by the Illinois Department of Transportation, a FBE (Female Business Enterprise) by Illinois Central Services and a WBE (Women Business Enterprise) by the City of Chicago. Alpine is also a small business as defined by the federal government.

Kelli Pawlik, President
Kelli Pawlik, President

Karsten Pawlik, Vice President Operations
Karsten Pawlik, Vice President Operations


Alpine is proud to sponsor Suicide Prevention Services of America’s annual Here For LIFE Walk. Proceeds from Suicide Prevention Services of America events and fundraisers stay in the local Fox Valley community to support SPS programs and services advancing the cause for suicide prevention. Please visit their site to learn more.