Alpine Demolition is a full service demolition contractor. We demolish buildings, infrastructure, railroads, interior, and provide specialty demolitions. We thrive doing the difficult and unique jobs that our competitors don’t want to do or don’t know how to handle.


Our goal is for all our employees to be cross-trained to handle the variety of projects. This philosophy maximizes the use of our resources and attracts the top talent in the demolition industry.


Building Demolition.


Building demolition is one of our core markets. Houses, commercial structures, retail structures, industrial plants, hospitals, parking garages, and schools are all examples of buildings we demolish. Our customers for these projects are both public and private industries. Our fleet of excavators and skid steers are utilized to demolish buildings.




Infrastructure is another market that is growing for Alpine rapidly. Bridges, waste water treatment plants, and water towers are some of the infrastructure projects we’re involved in. These projects require a large amount of planning—for example, bridge projects require a plan stamped by a structural engineer and waste water treatment plants require special care not to disturb existing operations. Utilities are also a big concern when doing these projects.




Railroads are an important part of our country’s economy, and this is especially true of Illinois. There are many types of demolitions needed to keep railroads operations up to date. Some of these include bridges, control towers, and wall grinding. Employees are thoroughly trained for railroad safety when working on these projects.


Interior Demolitions.


Many customers require interior demolition services during renovations projects. Alpine has done interior projects for office, retail, healthcare, and schools projects. Most of these projects are highly sensitive and require personnel that are very careful not to jeopardize existing operations. It is important to protect items to remain on these projects and to use proper ventilation. Alpine can also handle your special projects that require techniques such as robotic demolition. Stadium and power plants are some of the specialty projects Alpine performs.



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