Onsite Concrete crushing

Make Demolition Clean-Up Hassle Free and Affordable with Concrete Crushing Services from Alpine.

Nearly 20 billion tons of concrete are used around the world every year, making it the most common building material in the world. But where does all that concrete go after your demolition project? Rather than allowing the material to pile up around your job site or a landfill, make something useful from your concrete waste with Alpine Demolition. Whether you’re dealing with the massive amounts of concrete of commercial building demolition or want to remove that outdated concrete patio slab in your backyard finally, our concrete crushing services have got you covered.


Save money on transporting debris from one area to another and ditch difficult landfill regulations. Crushing concrete from commercial buildings, roads, bridges, and just about any other structure is the most economical way to process concrete from a demolition project. The result is a highly versatile, completely recycled product that can be used as backfill material or as a base for roads, parking lots, driveways, etc.

Crushed concrete delivers savings through a wide range of other means too. Landfills have been increasing rates for construction-related debris, meaning if you can somehow reuse your old concrete and avoid the cost of throwing it away, you’ll want to seize the opportunity. Recycling also saves energy that would be used to mine, process, or transport new aggregates, making it especially beneficial to the environment.


Concrete is typically crushed to CA6 or PGE and is quickly becoming a popular part of the construction process among engineers and DOT agencies. Our concrete crushing service delivers significant savings to our clients, and we are a certified DBE for concrete crushing. Not only will we handle all the permits and paperwork, even better, we’ll come straight to your site to get the job done, making the process as easy as possible for you. Ready to get started? Call or contact us today to discuss your project and your needs.

Be Aware: Some municipalities (ie. Elk Grove) do not allow on site crushing. There are set back requirements in Chicago for onsite crushing.

From our Clients

  • Spoke with Marie Portis, District 1, who wanted to pass on they were very pleased with the performance of your staff. They raved about the professionalism and quality of service received.

    Patrick Kelleher - IDOT
  • It was nice working with Alpine again. Your crew did awesome. The University was very happy.

    Dave Haas - Pepper Construction
  • “Your crew did a great job! Thanks to you and all your people for helping us get that old house on its way.”

    Kevin Morrissey
  • “Your performance and quick responses to work request is exceptional! I will not forget it, and will recommend you to my many PM friends around Chicagoland.”

    Ron C. Tamason, P.E. - The Missner Group
  • "I just wanted to send you a quick note and say thank you. The guys did a great job. I was very pleased with the way everything worked out."

    Richard Porter - Porter & Company, Masonry
  • "I just wanted to commend you for the very safe and talented group of employees you have onsite here at Midway. Your crews are top-notch."

    Neil Barkowski - F.H. Paschen, Civil
  • "Great work today with picking the beams! We got a lot of positive comments about the professionalism, and how clean the job site is."

    C Lawler - F.H. Paschen