How to Demolish a Silo

Demolition is always a big decision. You must decide if it’s the best option for you, whether it’s a bridge, skyscraper, or even a silo. It’s a process that takes a lot of time and preparation. However, if you know the proper way to go about it, and hire a professional demolition company, then you…

silo demolition

Demolition is always a big decision. You must decide if it’s the best option for you, whether it’s a bridge, skyscraper, or even a silo. It’s a process that takes a lot of time and preparation. However, if you know the proper way to go about it, and hire a professional demolition company, then you can rest assured that demolition is the best choice for removing a silo.

A silo is a large structure that stores bulk materials and are typically used in businesses of agriculture. But there can come a time when it is no longer needed or needs to be removed from the property. When faced with this decision there can be a variety of ways to remove the structure. However, most will find that demolition is their best bet. Before a silo can be demolished, there first needs to be extensive preparation. This article will serve as a guide to get you started on silo demolition! 

Preparing for Demolition

Once demolition has been decided as the best option for removing your silo, it’s time to take the proper steps to prepare for that day it’s no longer here. The first thing you’ll want to do is inform everyone who’s working for you or on your team, that the demolition will be taking place. Whether to make additional room or to sell land, it’s important to make sure everyone understands what is taking place. Especially when it comes to proper safety measures being set in place. 

Once you’ve informed your team, it’s time to investigate demolition companies that can accomplish your goal and provide a safe and professional setting for the demolition to take place. Any experienced demolition contractor should want to take the appropriate steps to make sure everything goes according to plan. 

This plan will include everything from the safety of the workers performing the demolition, to the safety of the overall job site, and the exact methods that will be used to demolish the silo.  This preparation phase is just as important as the actual demolition of the silo. You want to make sure you are working with a professional who knows what they are doing. So, how should a demolition contractor prepare for the job at hand?  

Engineering Survey

Before any demolition can begin, an engineering survey will be necessary to be performed by a demolition expert. The goal of the engineering survey is to observe the condition of the structure, as well as the condition of the materials that make up the structure or even the surrounding area. A demolition expert will want to make sure that the method chosen will be the best way to demolish the silo, and to prevent a premature collapse or the destruction of the surrounding area. 

Typically, the results of the engineering survey will be documented through pictures, as well as written documentation. This is important because it allows the demolition contractor to deduce how many people will be needed for the job, what equipment will be necessary, and of course—how to keep everyone safe. However, not all jobs are so cut and dry. 

You might be hoping to demolish a silo because of an event that has happened such as a fire or damage from a storm, making the structure no longer useable. In this case, the engineering survey offers the demolition expert the opportunity to evaluate the damage to the structure. Due to the damage, different measures could need to be taken to demolish the silo. 

The structure may need to be reinforced to not cause further damage to the surrounding area. They may need to also assess what was previously stored in the silo or if there is any flammable material that is currently supporting the structure. Therefore, the engineering survey is such an important piece of the process. After the inspection, the process will begin.

Silo Demolition

Now that the survey has been completed the demolition contractor will know the manpower and equipment necessary to start the job. They will also be able to inform you how long it will take to complete the demolition process. The type of demolition method that will be used to demolish the silo can affect the time it will take to get the job done.  

The contractor will be able to provide an estimate of how long it will take and the estimated cost, so you can take any other measures necessary to help complete the project. Whether purchasing or selling the land that the silo is on or just informing people who work with you how long the process will take, it’s important to be given an estimate so you can start planning for post-demolished silo life. 

While you’re talking your planning out what will happen post-demolition, the demolition company will be well underway in their process. Regardless of what method is chosen, this is what you should be able to expect from any demolition contractor. If you feel like your contractor did not do an adequate survey or you do not feel comfortable moving forward, you should always find someone else. 

You’ll want your demolition contractors to be experienced, licensed, demolition experts. They should have everything squared away from permits, to insurance, or even having certain certifications that speak to their expertise. You’ll want to rest assured that the best possible team is carrying out the demolition process. If you want experts handling your silo demolition, it’s time to contact Alpine Demolition!

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